Introduction to Homeopathy for daily use / online course

Learn the basics about Homeopathy and how to use homeopathic remedies for yourself, your family and your pets.
Homeopathy is a safe and effective medicine for common ailments in daily life!
In this course you will learn
The basics about Homeopathy
The most commonly prescribed Remedies
36 common first aid and acute Remedies
You can learn all of this in the comfort of your own home on your computer online!
There will be 3 consecutive sessions of 2 hours each, Oct. 23./30./Nov.6. 2018
Your investment will be Can. $ 84 (GST incl.)
You also have the opportunity to obtain a homeopathic Remedy kit with 36 remedies for $ 99.75

Following some of the ailments that are coverd:
• Colds, flus and other seasonal ailments
• Food poisoning
• Minor injuries such as bruising, sprains, broken bones, cuts, burns, wounds,        insect bites, digestive complaints,
• Minor skin complaints
• Stage fright and travel sickness
• Emotional upsets
• Female disorders, bladder complaints
• Children’s ailments such as teething, ear infections, etc.

You will learn how to properly asses, prescribe and handle the remedies

You will be in a virtual classroom with the option to participate live and ask questions.
You will receive a handout with all the remedies and their common ailments listed

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