Acute Virus

I am going to just give 3 Remedy suggestions for you to have on hand if you feel like you have an acute illness:

Arsenicum: (This remedy was suggested to the general public by the government of India as a preventative remedy)
Great remedy for people that have a lot of fear, fear that they are going to die from the illness
Tremendous Restlessness
External coldness with extreme internal heat
Unquenchable thirst with craving for cold water
Convulsive spasmodic cough with constriction in the larynx
Hacking dry cough with tickling in the trachea, worse at night
Difficulty breathing with fluid in the chest
Irritation in the air passage from trachea
Watery burning discharge from the nose
Watery burning diarrhea

Cold or infection that comes on slow
Remarkable dryness with heat, chapped lips
All symptoms are worse for any kind of motion
Extremely irritable patient that wants to be alone
Bursting, splitting headaches
Chest infections, dry hard cough, with irritation in the larynx/trachea
Difficulty of breathing, oppressed feeling in the chest, chest pain
Stiff neck and back pains, feels better for lying on painful part
Joint pain, red, hot and swollen
Constipation with dry hard stools
Great thirst for cold drinks

Gelsemium: # 1 Flu remedy
Exhausting influenza, overall weakness
Muscle aching throughout body
Pressing headache across forehead and back of head
Dizziness as if drunk
Spasdmodic dough with irritation in the air passages
Difficulty of breathing, accelerated breathing
Extremely dull and weak, thinking is an effort
Profuse urination and perspiration
Chills up and down the spine
No thirst even during Fever

It is beneficial to have a remedy kit at home at all times

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