General information

Your first consultation will take between 1½ and 2 hours!

Katharina will take a full history of your life, health, any diseases or illnesses from the past as well as a family history. Katharina will also discuss your life circumstances with you and look at your mental and emotional side. All these factors are important for her assessment.

Katharina will then review and analyze the information and carefully study your case before she prescribes a remedy for you. The term “Classical Homeopathy” means that usually only one remedy at the time is prescribed. You will either take the remedy daily or often less frequent and it can be as little as once a month.

This form of treatment makes Homeopathic treatment very inexpensive but long lasting.

Your first follow up appointment with Katharina will be scheduled around 4-6 weeks after you take your first remedy. You will then discuss the progress and changes, resulting from the treatment. From there on Katharina and you will discuss on how to proceed, which entirely depends on your personal unique situation and progress. The follow up appointments usually last ¾ – 1 hour.