Homeopathy to the rescue for 2. degree burn

I got a serious burn (second degree) from boiling maple syrup that purred accidently on my hands. It was at night after an hour and a half with unbearable pain with blisters on few of my fingers and one of the thumbs was very swollen, we called Katharina.

Within minutes from the time I took the first dose of the remedy, that Katharina recommended, the burning unbearable pain was reduced significantly. I took a few more doses and within an hour the swelling was reduced and I was able to move my thumb and fold it. I was very surprised that I was able to brush and floss my teeth with almost no discomfort.  I also realized that the shock and the weakness that I felt are gradually diminishing. I slept well that night!

The next day I felt only mild sensitivity in my right hand and in the afternoon there were two small blisters on my thumb without any pain. I was able to cook and to go about my business as usual.

It felt like a miracle!

Thank so much, Katharina!!!

A.N., Summerland

Online Homeopathy Course for daily ailments

Just wanted to share some Homeopathy magic for you.
I just took Katharina Riedener-Brunner course, and during it I asked about a remedy that might help with some serious pain I’ve had in my neck/shoulder back as a result of being unable to attend my usual chiropractic and/or Bowen therapy appts.

I’ve not been able to get treatment for about 2 weeks, and my body is out of alignment in a bad way. No matter how much stretching or how much exercise I complete to help relax tense muscles to allow my body to realign (crack my back), I’ve had no success. Just some reduced pain during the exercises. Once stopped, within 10-15 the pain is back.

I took the first suggested remedy today at around 1:10pm when we finished the course.
By 3:45pm, the pain was already about half, and every move I’ve made while sitting at my desk has resulted in a pop or a crack of a locked joint/vertebrae etc!

Obviously this isn’t always the speed homeopathy works, they’re not “painkillers”, and sometimes it takes a day, or two, maybe a second remedy…
But holy Hannah am I grateful for picking the first remedy and being bang on!!

Katharina will have more courses soon, so if you’re looking for ways to stay healthy during isolation – be sure to get registered for the next course.
Or – reach out to Katharina to book a call and become a patient.
I’ve worked with her for about 2 years, for myself AND my dog, and can’t say enough great things.

I’m always floored at the power behind natural, holistic and homeopathic treatment compared to “traditional” allopathic medicine.

Be safe, stay healthy!

Falon Malec, Edmonton, AB

Homeopathy saved my life

I battled with asthma and allergies since I was 2 years old, constantly getting infections and antibiotics. By the time I reached 30 years of age I was sick all the time and going to the emergency department because of multiple allergic reactions, sometimes 3 times a day. It also affected my hormonal balance so I was heaving an 8 month period of nonstop bleeding. I was referred to specialists who tested and tried all kinds of medications on me, nothing helped and I just became allergic to more medications and foods. I almost could not eat anything anymore. I had sever heartburn, acid reflux, nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, swollen stomach and abdomen, rashes, eczema, hive outbreaks and anaphylactic reactions.

Then I found Homeopathy and Katharina Riedener. She saved my life. Thanks to Katharina and the homeopathic remedies she gave me, I don’t have to g the emergency department anymore and I get to eat, live and work without the onslaught of allergic reactions, heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, fevers and infections. I really don’t know how I lived before Katharina and Homeopathy. I just existed in a bubble of pain and illness.

Katharina you are simply amazing and I do not know what I would do without you.

Thank you sincerely, Jodie Drennan Oct. 11.2019


Homeopathy is my first choice of Medicine

My name is Hugh and I haven here in the Okanagan for 6 years. I moved here because of my relationship with my wife. Right from the start she introduced me to Katharina. I’ve always gone to the hospital for whatever was wrong with me at the time. My whole live I’ve been very healthy and strong. Except for some mental issues that I had from two other relationships, an old back injury and just aging  pain from sports and work.

At my first visit with Katharina I had to release my past and tell her everything. That was a little hard for me because I didn’t know Katharina and it’s difficult to talk about my anger that I’ve been building up for years. After doing that, Katharina got me on a remedy to help with the anger and help with my bodily pain. I noticed my sleep got better and just a feeling of being more calm and at peace. I’ve been practising Yoga for 14 years and the remedy has helped together with Yoga. It’s a pretty cool balance and harmony. There is no balance in Western Medicine and going to the hospital. All they do is give you something for the pain, drugs and you have become a client rather than a patient when you go to the hospital. It’s a place  full of massive egos that want to fill you with drugs. Katharina on the other hand helps you at the source of your problem and fixes your problem with no harmful side effects.

Two years ago I was at work and I was milling up some fir decking material through a table saw. I felt something biting my neck I didn’t pay attention and kept working. The next day I had 3 quail egg size bites and 2 quarter size bites on my neck. I was in bed for a week. After that I went back to work and my energy level was 10 %, barely making it. This was in November, right before Christmas I caught a cold and that’s when my body shut down. My kidneys couldn’t handle the spider venom and the flu at the same time, so they shut down. My skin turned grey and my eyes got all black, then I urinated 2 blood clots out and then I went to the hospital. They found out what was wrong with my kidneys and put me on antibiotics, 2 rounds of it. Then I told Katharina about the spider bites and she gave me a Brown Recluse Spider remedy. In one day I was better, learnt my lesson the hard way. Now if anything comes up I call Katharina.

The hospitals are excellent for finding out what’s wrong. Homeopathy is excellent at helping you balance out what’s wrong with remedies that work with your body, not drugs with side effects.

Thank you very much Katharina,

Hugh, Oct. 13.2019

Reflexology for Energy and Enthusiasm 

I would like to recommend Reflexology as a means to better health and better productivity.  I recently turned 70 and still feel like I could do all the things I did at 40.  I sincerely believe that my treatments with Katharina have helped me maintain my level of energy and Enthusiasm.

Frances Sologuk

Homeopathy for the hole Family

I have used homeopathy for myself and my family for the last 15 years – I rarely need any other medications. My whole family travels to Katharina from Tonasket, US for treatment. We got help for various childhood sicknesses, teeth problems, headaches, low energy, fevers, spider bite, and if there’s nothing else wrong, we come for a check up once a year. I’m very grateful to have found such a compassionate, knowledgeable and passionate homeopath here! I can recommend trying the practice for homeopathy for any ailment, especially if you are tired of swallowing chemicals for short term relief.

Thank you Katharina!

Stefanie Skupin, Tonasket, WA

Homeopathy for a Staph infection in a Boxer Dog

Katharina has been amazing!
My dog became infected with an antibiotic resistant staph infection. Vets could not guarantee that their super high dose and gut damaging antibiotics would help, so I reached out Katharina. Not only did her remedies clear up the staph, its treated some of the underlying allergy issues and has promoted new fur growth in areas that haven’t had fur since her spay, approx 4 years ago!
Now she is treating me for my own hormonal imbalances with great success!!
So grateful for Katharina and Homeopathy!

Falon Malec, Edmonton

Homeopathy dissolves painful periods:

I have suffered with terrible Endometriosis, on and off, most of my adult life. I have tried every traditional (and what some people might consider alternative therapies) and I do not believe in my heart of hearts that one of these therapies helped me at all – at one point I even went to Calgary to see a specialist in this arena and found little to no help in relieving any of the pain. So I was hesitant to try homeopathy, but I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that I did!

After an appointment I started taking the remedy that Katharina Riedener- Brunner had prescribed, and my next menstrual cycle was completely pain-free (I didn’t think too too much of it because sometimes that’s the way Endometriosis behaves, and I had only taken a few of the remedies before this on coming cycle so I decided to wait to see with the following month would be like.)

Again 100% pain-free!

So that’s when I started to get excited that maybe her remedy was helping! Two months in a row with absolutely no pain was pretty unheard of for me, especially over the last year.

You see, in 2018 my cycles had become so painful and disruptive to my daily life that I considered moving on to a more aggressive form of treatment. I had a booking for a outpatient surgery for January… but due to the fact I had since had two more pain-free cycles come and go, I have decided to cancel my surgery! In fact my surgeon recommended that I do not go ahead either! He was thrilled with the results as well!

So if anyone has been suffering with painful menstrual cycles, I highly recommend Katherina and homeopathy.

On a sidenote, I had tried homeopathy a number of years back during a particularly terrible few months of Endometriosis, and had received no relief. So there’s something special about Katharina and Osoyoos is very lucky to have her!

Leanne Scott, Osoyoos


LNB – Pain therapy for Rotator Cuff Injuries

I have been dealing with very bad shoulder pain, could not lift my arm anymore, was in constant pain. Katharina gave me a few LNB treatments (Osteopressure) and some good homeopathic remedies to calm down inflammation. After about 1 month all my pain is gone, I am back to normal, can use my arm and shoulder again! Katharina did an amazing job, thank you so much Katharina!

Roland Odermatt, Sylvan Lake

LNB pain therapy for back pain

I always prided myself on having a strong and flexible back, but packing our house and moving our furniture left me in agony for over 1 year. I thought the pain would go away if I did stretches. However, that alone did not help. I had pain when doing everyday things like walking, twisting, sitting, and even sleeping. Fortunately, a friend saw Katharina’s brochure in a local business that we were visiting. Since I was going to be in the area for 2 months, I sent her an email, and we set up an appointment right away. I had three treatments. After each treatment, I noticed relief immediately. She also gave me stretches to do. Today, I am almost back to normal and my back is improving every day. This treatment really works. Yes, the treatment does leave bruising, but it gives relief. I am so happy that I chanced upon that brochure. Thanks Katharina!
Lisa V., Saskatoon

LNB pain for acute lower back pain

Katharina has been amazing in treating my sciatic and lower back problems. I was pretty much ceased in my lower back and unable to work or walk with out pain. With 2 treatments of Osteopressue, my lower back released and i felt like back to normal!
Jess Coppola, Osoyoos

LNB pain therapy for neck and shoulder pain

I recently suffered an acute bout of pain in my left shoulder blade and upper back/neck, caused by an improper lift and transfer of my special needs son into his wheelchair.

Pain is something I rarely experience, so I reached out to Katharina and she recommended I have an LNB session to try to help stop the pain and its progression across my back. The session worked!! I felt immediate relief and noticed that once the imbalance was corrected in the session – the pain didn’t return!

In truth, the session itself was quite painful, (typically I shy away from therapies that can hurt, but this sudden lift injury was very extreme and needed to be dealt with ASAP, so I could get back to the care of my son quickly) but Katharina put me at ease, making sure I knew that if the pain was too much – she would stop immediately, which helped tremendously. I could tell that she cared deeply and that she listening intently to my bodies responses to the pressure. I felt safe and respected and at least 80% of my pain was gone after that one session….I couldn’t ask for more!

Thank you Katharina!! (Leanne Scott, Move Therapies, Osoyoos)

Homeopathy and LNB pain therapy for various issues

I have been seeing Katharina for probably a year now and am so impressed with her knowledge and ability. What I feel has really contributed to her success is her caring attitude with allows for openness and ease of conversation so that she is able to get to the root of your problem. What is also important to me is that she is always prompt in seeing you and is so open to queries after should the need arise. Lorna S., Osoyoos

LNB Pain Therapy: 

I have received this treatment three times, for three different concerns, and we achieved successful pain relief every time! Thank you Katharina!

A J, Osoyoos

Reflexology and Cranial Sacral treatments

Katharina provides knowledgeable homeopathic diagnosis and successful treatment in a warm and caring atmosphere. I have received reflexology and craniosacral treatments from Katharina for four years. With each session, I feel energized and my body maintains alignment better than ever before. Angela Jackson

Homeopathy for a cat with kidney disease

Thank you Katharina! I have a very sick cat in my house and your amazing and thoughtful homeopathic recommendations have helped tremendously. Just a few days after giving my cat her current remedy she got back her feistiness. She’s 16 and has two life-threatening conditions, and your treatments have helped so much…and reduced my stress a lot. I’m always happy when Rudie gets feisty again 🙂. Thank you! Lisa Kilgour

Homeopathy in a case of debilitating Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have been using your Professional Homeopathy Service for about 5 years. I was told that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis many years ago, after trying a number of so called cures or reliefs, that were unsuccessful, I decided to try a Homeopathic approach.  I went to Katharina Riedener in Osoyoos, BC. Katharina spent well over an hour with me, finding out all my medical history going back to day one.  She also asked about my parents and grandparents medical details. After taking all this information into her computer, Katharina compiled all my health and my family health information details. Within a week or so she cam back with a suggested product in the form of a homeopathic pill that could be taken daily to help me relieve my pain and discomfort. Katharina explained to me that this pill comes in different strengths, and it would be best to start out at a lower number to see how it works and then progress from there. After just a couple of weeks we soon realized that the strength should be increased. Over the next couple of months there was a huge improvement in my daily abilities and the pain and discomfort decreased. The strength of the remedy was increased over the next few months and I reached a strength of 30 C. At this number I was able to do anything I wanted without pain or discomfort, it was great! Over the next couple of years I continued to take the pills on a daily bases and they still worked great. Today I still take the pill that Katharina put together for me only because they worked really well for me. I now only take them three times a week and they still work great. I am doing more projects now than I ever was and I still have no pain or discomfort throughout my body. I have been following this program for the last 5 years and found continued success under the direction of Katharina and found the cost to be more than reasonable. The original investment of my money and time has been the best money and time spent on my healthcare to date, with the most positive results. I would recommend to anyone with health issues to contact Katharina Riedener’s Homeopathic Practice to find out just how she can help your relieve your situation.

Dan Robertson (71) Oliver, September 2017 


Homeopathy for fertility 

I first saw Katharina in the summer of 2010. I had a miscarriage and we were having no luck getting pregnant again. Katharina was highly recommended by a few friends so I decided to contact her. Seeing Katharina really was therapeutic. I has no idea how much stress I had in my life!! I got pregnant right away after taking the homeopathic remedy from Katharina! 2014 comes along and we have been trying for another baby. I decide I better get a hold of Katharina again to give this a real shot. And pregnant again right away after the homeopathy!
We are blessed with 2 fabulous children and I can’t thank Katharina enough for her wonderful care and support!

T. S. Penticton

Homeopathy for Irritable bowel syndrome and allergies

“I met with Katharina in 2009 for the first time. Since my health and well being has improved 100%. I had suffered from seasonal allergies, I was taking allergy medication everyday all summer long. I also had digestion and bowel issues. All of my ailments were corrected after I took my remedy. I no longer feel like I am sluggish and living in a fog. I do not take any allergy medication at all and my overall health has improved. I have so much energy! Katharina is very professional, understanding and I recommend her to all my friends and family.”

Corrinna B. – December 2014

Homeopathy for severe digestive pains

I have been using homeopathy for approx. 5 years. Honestly if it would not be for Homeopathy I most likely would still be in pain. Something was just wrong in my abdominal and intestines, but all the tests, MRI, doctor visits did not reveal anything. I could see it in their eyes that they thought it was all in my head. When I first visited Katharina Riedener’s office I was not 100% convinced that this would work, but what did I have to lose. Having a chance to get my pain and vomiting under control or stay with the traditional doctors. Katharina listened to me and my problems, and within a short time figured out a remedy. It took a couple different approaches, and a lot of patience on my side, but it was so worth it. My abdomen and intestines are pain free… it is amazing! I am like a different person since I started with homeopathy. I always keep my homeopathic first aid kit on hand, which was very helpful when I got bitten by a Wasp in my lips, and many other situations over the last years. Homeopathy is my choice of healthcare for now and the future.

Silvia Albrecht, Osoyoos, B.C. – December 20, 2014

Homeopathy for cats

Homeopathy is not only for humans but for animals too. I found out shortly after I adopted “Shadow” my cat from the Penticton SPCA. He developed severe diarrhea I believe due to so many changes for him. I asked Katharina if she was able to help and she gave me a remedy to give to him once a day for three days. I diluted it with a little bit water put it in a syringe and fed it to him. His bowel movement was already improving after only one day and after the third day, it was normal.
My other two cats, Charlie, a 7 years old Manx, and Nellie an older Lady, (13½) are benefiting currently from remedies. Charlie for being a little bit too aggressive toward the other two cats needed to calm down a bit, and after only one dose a couple weeks ago, he is much better. Nellie who is terrified of Shadow, a gentle giant, needed to get more confident, and maybe even bolder. After giving her one dose a couple weeks ago, I can definitely see a difference already.
Thanks to Katharina and homeopathy all three will become more tolerant of each other, and perhaps even friends. Wonder how I lived without homeopathy before??

Silvia Albrecht, Osoyoos, B.C. – December 2014

Homeopathy for chronic cough and emotional support

Greetings! Classical homeopathy has been of great benefit to myself and to my children. The most obvious and miraculous was the case of my son, who was 11 at the time and had suffered from an incessant cough since he’d been 5 years old that plagued him around the clock! As loving parents, my husband at the time and myself researched a whole lot and put him through tests with a conventional practitioner. No use. He was still racked by the cough. Katharina Riedener’s name came up and I made an appointment with her in Osoyoos. This lovely woman with sparkling eyes and a beautiful, harmonic energy took our son under her proverbial wing and placed him on a remedy. Over a couple of months his cough lessened and suddenly I awoke one night to silence. He was sleeping peacefully! His condition has not returned.
I also feel strongly about sharing my own personal experience. I went to Katharina primarily because heavy anxiety had brought my sense of joy to a grinding halt. Throughout the 5 years I have been seeing her, Katharina’s remedies have brought to the forefront a host of suppressed emotions. Katharina has always been non-judgmental and provides a safe space for self-expression. After a few remedies during this ongoing journey I felt for the first time the depth of suffering and how much energy I had placed into covering up the truth. I was in a 21 year marriage with a psychologically abusive husband. We are no longer together. Peeling back the layers, that is how I view classical homeopathy. It is time to make another appointment. Be well!

Nancy – December 2014

Homeopathy for fatigue and blood sugar issues

I have been using homeopathy for over 2 years now. I used to feel sleepy throughout the day and had slow digestion. If I over exerted myself on a long run or bike ride I would almost pass out or vomit due to low blood sugar. I started my personal remedy that Katharina prescribed on a weekly basis and now I take it only when the symptoms start to return. It has helped to decrease my fatigue and restore proper function to my digestion which helps keep my blood sugar stable. I always keep my homeopathic first aid kit on hand, which was very helpful when I was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and got severe frost bite. I used the remedies in the kit to relieve the pain and help the tissue health. I have also used homeopathy for altitude sickness to minimize headaches and nausea. I frequently use arnica recommended by Katharina after intense soccer games to help sore muscles and bruises.

Steph S.

Homeopathy for depression

Homeopathy has been my choice of healthcare for the past 10 years. I feel good knowing that homeopathy treats the whole person rather than the specific illness, or symptom.

I was initially referred to Katharina Riedener, homeopathic practitioner, after being on antidepressants for some time. I became concerned – I didn’t like some of the side effects I was experiencing, but was told that I would probably be on them forever. I started my search for some help in the holistic field, and was referred to Katharina. She had me off the antidepressant in a short time (and, with the remedies I was given, I felt better than I had in a long time – in fact, I felt wonderful!) I felt “like myself” again! After that experience, I have continued to see Katharina for any problems I may have – and have had excellent results. I don’t feel rushed during a consultation; she really “listens” to what I have to say about what my body is experiencing, is patient, asks questions; and the remedies work “like Magic”!

Faye Werenka, Sylvan Lake, Alberta – February 2011

Homeopathy for a professional Hockey Player with Mono

My name is Nils Moser, and I am a hockey player for the Regina Pats of the Western Hockey League. In the spring of 2010, I discovered that I had been suffering from mononucleosis, or mono. The infection took a great toll on my body, notably the constant fatigue and difficulty sleeping, which in turn really affected my ability to perform on the ice. When I discovered that no antibiotics could help me overcome this, I went to see Dr. Katharina Riedener and she helped me find a homeopathic solution. After about 2 weeks of homeopathic treatment, I finally began to feel like myself again. The results were incredible! I now contact Katharina for help with any bumps, injuries or illnesses that come my way. I would strongly recommend homeopathic medicine for anyone who is seeking a quick and effective solution towards recovery, regardless of what the issue is. Thank you so much Katharina!

Nils Moser, Regina SK, February 2011

Homeopathy for the hole family

Our family has been using homeopathy for about 2 years with amazing results. After a C-section, no amount of prescription meds. could heal my body. It was the homeopathy that gave me my life back. My husband was using 4 prescriptions for his allergy symptoms all summer long just so he could function. After two treatments with Katharina my husband has no more allergies, at all! No more pills, nasal spray, eye drops. Summer time is not his enemy and neither are cats. Last week my son got croup and with a homeopathic remedy his croup cough lasted less then 24 hours.

We use homeopathy because it works for us. It is safe to use during pregnancy and for small children, and results are usually immediate.

Smith, Leslieville, AB, 2011

Homeopathy for Crohn’s disease

In mid February of 2000, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I had seen many different specialists and taken many tests but I was still confined to my bed in extreme pain 24 hours a day for a year and a half. The only time I would leave my house was to go see my doctor or go to the hospital. Even with all the medication and treatments I underwent it just wasn’t seeming to help. I decided I no longer wanted to continue down that path. I needed to try something different. Then I met Katharina, she put me at ease right away. She diagnosed me and with in three days of taking my new homeopathic medicine I was starting to feel better. After two weeks I no longer needed the crutches that I used to get around. A year and a half later I only take my pills once a week. I’ve even been able to go for walks again without being in constant pain. I am feeling better now than I have in years. Homeopathic medicine and Katharina Riedener have given me a second chance. I am now CEO of my own company, I have met the love of my life and best of all I have my health back. Thank you Katharina.


Casey Getschel (36 Years)

Homeopathy for Crohn’s disease

I began homeopathy treatment in February 2002. At that time I was suffering severely from Crohn’s disease. I was experiencing severe diarrhea and pain and very little energy. I was taking medication daily which wasn’t helping. After Katharina gave me her remedy and reflexology treatments I began feeling much better. I have now discontinued the drugs I was taking. Now after nine months I feel so much better. My bowels are much more regular and I have lots of energy. I am so happy to have discovered homeopathy and I would highly recommend it to anyone experiencing chronic bowel problems. katharina is very easy to talk to and a wonderful person and professional.

Van Heeren – Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Homeopathy for food allergies

I had a milk allergy for many years, but recently it had started getting much worse to the point where I could not eat any dairy product at all in any form without having a severe reaction. I was also starting to develop other food allergies as well. Not knowing where else to turn, though feeling somewhat skeptical I tried Homeopathy. I wasn’t sure how effective the remedy would be and it took me a good six months to work up enough courage to try eating something dairy, but when I finally did I found that I had no reaction at all anymore. In utter disbelief that it was not possible I went on a happy little dairy splurge. I also soon found out that my other food allergies had disappeared as well. I still can’t believe it. I never thought it was possible to cure an allergy, but as I saw on myself it really is possible. WOW! Thank you Katharina, you changed my life.

Martina Diklitch, 2011

Homeopathy for ocular rosacea

I came to see Katharina when I was diagnosed with ocular rosacea. I had been taking oral antibiotics to control this condition for 2 years. If I stopped taking them it worsened considerably and the doctor said that I could damage my eyes if I didn’t keep taking them. I didn’t wish to be on the antibiotics for the rest of my life so I was looking for a ‘cure’. Katharina and I worked together for 2 years before she finally found a remedy that worked for me. That was 3 years ago. I have not taken any antibiotics since then and my eyes are doing well. I get minor flare-ups but it is under control. I am very pleased and relieved with our results. I do recommend homeopathy to my friends. I believe in it.

Lori Stodola – Osoyoos, January 2011

Homeopathy for garlic allergy

My name is Marissa. My father is a very loyal and good western physician. This letter is not intended to debate homoeopathy vs. western medicine, but solely to emphasize how homeopathy could assist western medicine to combat even more ailments.

Our family, from my father’s side, suffer from a rather unusual allergy – a garlic allergy or intolerance if you will. It has no life threatening symptoms but just very uncomfortable side effects such as severe abdominal pain, nausea, and the most embarrassing flatulence and diarrhea. I even suffered these symptoms after smelling dishes with garlic in it. No western remedy we tried ever prevented or treated these symptoms. Our only option was to avoid garlic – a daunted task!

On my first visit to Dr. Katharina Riedener, this was one of my main complaints. She prescribed a choice of homeopathic remedies to take every three weeks and today I tolerate garlic very well. Although I still have some mild reaction every now and then, I don’t have to avoid it anymore.

Thank you Dr. Katharina!

Marissa P. Penticton

Homeopathy for a potentially deadly spider bite in a little dog

Our happy, active, 8 lb Silkie Terrier, Emma, had hip surgery. Three weeks later she developed a nasty weeping, black sooty spot on her side about the size of a dime that was worrying her terribly. Over the next days the hair on and around it dropped off and it became the size of a quarter, then the size of a fifty-cent piece. She didn’t want to eat or play. She was terribly uncomfortable and becoming very listless and sad so on a Friday we took her to the vet. He thought it might be Staph infection and put her on heavy-duty antibiotics.

By Monday it looked no better to me and she was so listless she would only get up to go outside. I actually thought she was declining and I was very afraid she wouldn’t make it. We obviously took her back to the vet. The lesion has changed enough that that vet was able to confirm it wasn’t Staph but was from the bite of a Brown Recluse spider. He pointed out the fang marks. He said there was nothing he could give her for that and recovery would take time.

By chance, Monday afternoon our homeopath, Katharina, phoned to see how Emma was progressing from her hip surgery. I told her the latest problem and my fears for Emma’s recovery. Katharina she said she had something she could prescribe for her. Emma got her first remedy on Monday evening. Tuesday morning she lifted her head from her bed and gave a faint tail wag. I knew we had turned a corner.

Katharina phoned the next day to check on her patient and suggested we give Emma one more dose. By Monday evening Emma was up asking for dinner. I was amazed to see how fast the homeopathic remedy had an effect.
I of course told my vet about the homeopathic remedy. To his credit he was very interested to learn of something that would assist in his practice. He got together with Katharina to learn more about her practice. His patients will reap the benefit and I know it gave Katharina tremendous job satisfaction to have helped Emma as well as pass along her knowledge to another discipline. We are very grateful for this team effort.

Ruschke, Osoyoos, January 2011

Homeopathy for a black widow bite 

We would like to share a wonderful story about our dog Patch. We arrived home one evening to find Patch with a swollen muzzle. He was very agitated and not himself. We could not seem to see any evidence of anything other than the swelling. We spent most of the evening trying to comfort him. We then looked up symptoms of black widow spider bites on the internet and discovered this is likely what had happened to him. He was racing around the house up and down the stairs and was losing his balance. The closest veterinarian that was available was 45 minutes away. We felt that we did not have time to drive him there is his condition and the car ride would have been difficult for him. We decided to call Katharina Riedener, our Homeopathic Doctor, who is local here in Osoyoos. Even though she was not at her office she was able to offer a remedy for Patch. We also had Rescue Remedy on hand and gave that to Patch which is an awesome remedy for anxiety and easily given to any pet or human. Then my son picked up another remedy from Katharina at her home. Shortly after the Rescue Remedy was given Patch calmed down and after the second remedy his symptoms lessened and his swollen muzzle began to go down. He was comforted by the cool snow he chose to lay on outside periodically and then was able to rest peacefully inside. We were very appreciative of Katharina ‘s expertise, availability and compassion for Patch and our family. We now have a Homeopathic First Aid Kit with us at all times and have used it for three other occasions. It is very simple to use and just makes so much sense. Thank-you Katharina.

The Turnbull Family, Feb. 2011